History's a Mystery

Matt, Ben and Nicky are joined by a new girl, Kris. These four discover that they can go on the most amazing adventures within their own classroom. Their adventures take them from the First Fleet and the Eureka Stockade to Ancient Rome and the Pyramids of Egypt, and Pompeii to Hiroshima. They meet Thomas Edison and Marco Polo and have many other adventures in between.

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History's a Mystery Again

In this sequel, Matt, Ben, Nicky and Kris begin Year 6 in the small town of Coolongawong. Again they have Mr Mac as their teacher in the magic classroom so their adventures can continue. By tripping on a creaky floorboard, crashing into the teacher’s desk and saying the magic words History’s a Mystery, they found that they can be transported back in time and experience exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures. Their adventures take them from the dinosaurs to Gallipoli, from the Titanic to the Eiffel Tower, from the Aztecs and Vikings to Ned Kelly and Jesus, with many more in between.

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History's Still a Mystery

In the third book, Matt, Ben, Nicky and Kris go off to high school. So their time in Mr Mac’s magic classroom draws to a close. However, Matt introduces his younger sister, Olivia, to the adventures back in time and soon she involves her friends Grace, Jack and Will. Their adventures back in time take them to many crucial events in world history, from the Great Wall of China to Scotland, from the gold rush in Alaska to the Warsaw Ghetto, from the Incas to India and many other places in between.

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History's a Mystery Once More

In Book 4, Olivia and her friends Grace, Will and Jack are now in Year 6 at Coolongawong Public School and continue to enjoy the wonders of Mr Mac’s magic classroom. They visit many new places together, including Tutankhamen’ tomb and Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt, an underground city in Turkey, Louisbourg and Paris. They find themselves performing in Barnum and Bailey’s circus and discover what school was like back in the nineteenth century.

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Dell's Adult Books

Author Dell Brand - Children and Adult Books

Dell was a high school teacher, now she writes books. She has written numerous books, including four children's books called the History’s a Mystery series. She has many other interests in life including family history, golf and scrap-booking. Both she and her husband like to travel and spend many months of every year either exploring Australia in their motorhome or enjoying extended trips overseas. And they both love spending time with their five funtastic grandchildren.

Author Dell Brand