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Hi! My name is Dell and I grew up in Sydney, becoming a teacher of Physical and Health Education. I’ve always liked working with kids that don’t find school that easy, helping them learn to read or find skills that they are good at.

When I was younger I liked just about everything outdoors but wasn’t especially good at any one thing. My favourites were abseiling, rock-climbing, wilderness trekking, canyoning, scuba diving, kayaking, tour cycling and skiing. Now I play golf and still like paddling my kayak, bushwalking and cycling.

I wrote my first children’s book a few years ago and three more followed. They are the History’s a Mystery series and they are called History’s a Mystery, History’s a Mystery Again, History’s Still a Mystery and History’s a Mystery Once More . I have mostly used my own travel experiences to write first-hand about places I have seen.

Now I am writing adult fiction and my first two books are historical novels set in early Melbourne. They are called A Voice to be Heard and Cry to the Wind. My third book is a contemporary novel set in Warilla on the South Coast of NSW. Called Winfale Park it is a story of a group of strangers linked only by a surname, who come to remember the meaning of family and why they should do whatever it takes to stay together. My latest book is another historical fiction called The Weif.

I have a great family, being married to the best man in the world, with two wonderful grown-up children and five funtastic grandchildren. I live on the south coast of New South Wales.

  • Inequality to women
  • Racism
  • Hurting people’s feelings
  • Jelly
  • Green smarties (don’t eat the green ones, they’re yukky)

B. Ed. (Phys)
University of Sydney

M.A. (Educ)
University of Sydney

Ph. D. (Special Educ)
University of Wollongong

Director-General’s Award for
Excellence in Teaching

Australian College of Education
Medal for Outstanding Achievement
in Education