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I still have many topics that I can use in future books. These are:
Gutenburg/ Caxton Printer
Petra in Jordan
Napoleon & Waterloo
Martin Luther King Jnr
Raffles in Singapore
Indonesia – Tsunami
Japanese Subs entering Sydney Harbour
Blue Mountains Crossing
Joan of Arc
Van Gogh
Palace of the Russian Czars
Hannibal and the Elephants
Darwin Bombings
Banjo Patterson
US Civil War
Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa
China’s Grand Canal
Industrial Revolution: Ironbridge in England
Elvis Presley
Tolkien & CS Lewis
Burke & Wills
Lewis & Clarke
Battle of Hastings: 1066
Pablo Picasso
Albert Einstein
Sutton Hoo
Guy Fawkes
Nazca Lines
Phar Lap
John Flynn RFDS
James Cook
Amelia Earhart
Bushfire Black Saturday
Mary Reiby
The Rosetta Stone
Anne Frank
If you would like to send me an illustration, please follow these steps:
Look at the adventures in History’s a Mystery (when it is reprinted I will add illustrations) or the list of possible topics for future books. Choose your topic.
Research the topic you have chosen by researching websites and looking at reference books. Make sure you find illustrations that others have done.
Draw your own picture. It must be on white unlined paper and you must use a fine Art line black pen. Then send it to me as an email attachment.
You must clearly understand
that there will be no payment for your drawing. Simply, if it is accepted,
it will be published in the book,
allowing you the pleasure of seeing your work in print.
If I like your drawing, I will send you a permission note for your parent / guardian to fill out. Then post it back to me (I will give you a postal address when I answer your email).
So if you are a good drawer, get busy! You just might be featured in my next book!
Good luck!

You can see some of the drawings in History’s a Mystery Again by clicking here.

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